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Thanks so much for the tutorial on this technique. I'm going to have to give it try.
I think your first video is amazing.. thanks. I wouldn't know where to start, but I SO appreciate everyone that makes one. hugs.

very nice video & card; short & sweet.
good luck finding the ironing board - check the laundry room (where the iron, bleach & dryer sheets use to be found!)

Made me laugh, you've lost your ironing board ... I've lost my iron. Love the technique - I hardly recognised the vintage wallpaper design. Thanks.

Great video & technique! Congratulations on your first video.

great job on the video and the waxed paper resist....I saw your card on Mary Fish's blog so had to come and watch the video you shared. I have done waxed paper resist in the past with just the crinkled waxed paper on glossy white, can't wait to try it with an embossing folder for an extra special look! I loved the effect on plain cardstock as well...never thought to do that either.

I also love that you have nicknamed your Big Shot "Squeaky"....too cute!

I enjoyed your waxed paper video. Please keep them coming. You were clear and gave very good directions.


Nice job on your first video. Your blog is beautiful and so is the card.

Well done Liz - your card is lovely and the video was easy to watch and your instructions were clear. I will definitely give this technique a go. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your videos.

Wow, what a wonderful video!! I would not have known that it was your first, if you hadn't told me! This technique is a definite must-try for me! Absolutely beautiful and made your card look just awesome! Thanks for sharing!
{following you now!}

Fabulous job, especially for your first video!! Thanks so much for sharing this new to me technique!

A great technique - which I know I will use often. You certainly seemed to be perfectly comfortable and at ease. Loved your very "off-the - cuff" comments. This is the very first time I have been to your site and it is now in favourites column(thanks to Mary Fish's site), which I check daily while having my morning coffee. Looking forward to more videos and ideas.

Loved your video! Very relaxed and easy to follow you. Very professional speech and directions...like you know what you're talking about! GREAT JOB...I look forward to watching more of your videos soon! Thank you for the great technique too.

beautiful card and thanks for showing the technique!!

Great video! I loved your easy breezy conversational manner - felt like I was sitting at the table with you!

Great technique.. thank you for sharing.

Great job, Liz! And congrats on your first video! I wouldn't have guessed it was your first (you should have seen MY first video! LOL! let's not go there) You're a natural, and I love your humour interspersed in the video - about the ironing board and "squeaky" the Big Shot! And what a fabulous technique! Thanks so much for sharing your love of papercrafting with the rest of us!


Excellent video and instruction!

Great job showcasing a fun technique. Hope to see more of your videos.

Liz, I love your video! I really don't believe that this is your first one. You are a natural and I look forward to many more. Thanks for doing a video for this because it is easier to watch it than read how to do it. Love the card!!

Great, perfect instructions....Thank You

Great job, Liz! Wonderful video, you're very easy to listen to and very engaging!

I've heard of this technique before, but never knew how to do it! Thank you SO MUCH for venturing into video world to teach it, as I am a visual learner! Great job! :)

Great job Liz! Stepping out with your first video and you nailed it! Your card is beautiful.

Awesome card. Thanks for sharing.
Your first time video was great. Easy following.
Thank you Mary

Great card and I so enjoyed your video. I have never used a brayer and you made it all look "do-able" for me! Keep sharing...

I can't wait to try this! Great job......., thank you for making the video awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!

Great card. Love this technique. Thanks for sharing the video.

Really enjoyed your video - at my end it was very narrow - my computer. I love your calm style and I have put my elbow in ink pads, too so I actually laughed out loud watching this. Keep the videos coming!!

Wow! What a great video. You are a "natual" @ it. Very nicely done. I have seen this technique before, but your presentation was very simple and clear. Thank You!

Thanks so much for sharing! Love this technique... I had not seen it before. I've never seen the brayer used before, so now I know what it can do and will add it to my Wish List!! Thanks again, great video.

Beautiful card and brilliant video. Thanks for letting me share on my blog today. I'm so proud of you! Hugs, M

I love the look of the wax resist! Your video was great, as well! I would never have known it was your first video. I have one question. Does the wax paper leave a residue in the embossing folder? Actually, that makes me think of another question. When you iron the paper/waxpaper "sandwich," do you get an image on both pieces of paper that are the "bread" around the waxpaper "filling?" Thank you for sharing?

This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing this unique technique in video format. I love your card!

Wow, Liz! Your card is soooo beautiful and your video is great! Thanks so much for sharing this technique. I can't wait to try it!

Great video Liz! I love how the wax tranfers to the paper with the iron, makes for a very interesting background. Congrats on your first video, you are a natural star! Loved it! Hugs, e.

Wonderful job on your first video. This technique is great..I would never have thought to use wax paper. Thank you for sharing.

Great job on the video and fun (and easy) technique to make beautiful backgrounds. I really appreciated the little bits of humor interspersed in the dialog!

Liz you taught me a new way to use wax paper and I love it!!!! You did very well for your 1st video! Thank you!

What a great video! Thanks for sharing this technique. Can't wait to try it! I'm now a follow of your blog!

Congrats on your first video!!!

Liz....this was a WONDERFUL video! LOVED learning a new technique and I can hardly wait to try it! I truly do not believe that this is your 1st video...you did an amazing job!!! Super informative and super fun and different technique! Thanks for the inspiration!

Great idea, and you did very well for your 1st video!

AMAZING Technique Liz! CONGRATS on your first video posting...WELL DONE and hope this will inspire you to MAKE MORE videos. You have LOTS of talent and ideas to share with all of us. LOVE YOUR CARD LIZ.

Gorgeous background Liz! Congratulations on your First Video! You're "one up" on me ! Ha!

You did great. Like your video, like the technique, love the sympathy card and appreciate very much that you have taken the time to share it with us.

Thanks for sharing this great technique. I love how soft and subtle it is. Your card is beautiful, too.

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