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Hi Liz,

I hadn't seen this video, too funny! I know several Star Trek fans that would love this card. Thanks for sharing.

Peace, Love & Joy,

the card is genius . . . very iconic and clever little space ship. hugs, m

That is too funny! My brother is a Star Trek fan from the very beginning. I think I will steal this idea and tweak it to figure out how to make the Enterprise. Great video; cool card. Thanks for sharing! I'm new to your blog....I can see I'm going to love it!

I have Trekkie's in my family and will be making the card! I have a question: What do you use the cupcake builder punch on? I don't see where you used it.

Love it! My husband is also. Trekkie. Might have to make this one.

Great card Liz! I hadn't taken time to watch the video until today, so funny!

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